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Wishful Thinking

I received an email from a gardening friend who always travels to London, England to visit her grandchildren about the same time each May that I am flying to start our annual  Chelsea Flower Show Tour.  We had shared how 2020 has turned everyone’s world upside down and we are presently in a state of wishful thinking. I like the phrase….. wishful thinking……… it reminds me of the one my Grandmother used to say…….God willing. She would make a wishful thinking statement and end it with God willing.  We are all living in the present moment while our underlying wishful thinking conjures up our spirited dreams.  We are trusting that the parts of our life that have been significantly altered will resume and we will travel to see family, friends and for the sake of our widening our world.  August and the upcoming months provide us with brilliant opportunities to immerse ourselves in the beauty of America wherever we may live. Take time to watch a sunset or count the stars and keep on wishful thinking.