Women’s Small Group Travel Destinations

Women's Travel in Small Groups 2022 

Serendipity Traveler is best known for sprinkling luxe with value for women travelers who wish to travel comfortably.  You may be married, divorced, widowed, single, retired or working and like to travel well and not travel alone.  We pioneered redefining travel for women and offering you the finest small group  women's travel choices with handcrafted, captivating itineraries.  Using our years of travel expertise, knowledge, exhaustive research, and world resources, we select the best of accommodations, expert local guides, and creative dining options for every Serendipity Traveler trip.  We take care of the myriad of travel details and you can relish your seamless women's travel experience without stress.  Reserve your next women's travel experience with Serendipity Traveler online now with our simple and secure easy to use reservation system or call 800 975 2357 and talk to us to reserve your trip.  Most women do join us solo.  You will be glad you discovered Serendipity Traveler and our curated style of women's travel.  We look forward to you joining us  in 2022 and our vibrant groups of women traveling together.

Women only travel experiences provide you with opportunities to travel independently with a small group of active and interesting women.  Our women travelers consider travel an integral part of life and appreciate fine dining together and sharing stories.  Our small groups of women travelers range in number from 3 to 8.  You will enjoy the comfort and safety of traveling with friends while having time to discover your own treasures.  Peggy Coonley, or her seasoned staff, join you on each woman's tour and provide hands on assurance that every detail is attuned to your safety, comfort, and pleasure.  You will readily discern the difference when traveling with Serendipity Traveler.  Private custom tours and varied dates are available on specific itineraries by special request.  Mothers and Daughters can share memories while we take care of the details.  Most women do join us alone and before long friendships are made and conversations shared easily.

Serendipity Traveler carefully chooses the finest of local experts for personable and caring guides who are brimming with enthusiasm and knowledge in their field.  Whether you are touring in Ireland, rafting in Wyoming, on Safari in South Africa,  or meandering English gardens, we collaborate with the best of the best.  We personally select the finest of local accommodations and dine where the natives do as we discover well known and lesser known corners of the world.  All the travel details are taken care of for your traveling comfort, pure relaxation, inspiration, and ultimate fun.  Traveling with Serendipity Traveler is something you will remember long after we say goodbye.

Reserve your tour with Serendipity Traveler today Once you have decided which destination you would like to experience, you can reserve easily on line with our secure and simple to use reservation system.  If you wish for a last minute escape, please be sure to check with us before booking flights.  We look forward to your traveling with us and creating unforgettable memories to cherish on your life's journey.  Serendipity Traveler does not charge a single supplement for solo travelers.  Each woman savours her own private accommodation without additional single supplement fees.

Women are talking about us and we like what they are saying

Every trip is one of a kind and the women who travel with us are as well.  I am pleased and happy that women choose to stay in touch, travel again with us and let me know how much the trip has meant to them.  We have put a sampling of heartfelt comments from the caring notes, calls, and emails we receive.  Travel is transformational and fun.  Traveling takes you away from the everyday to step into another world.  Join us as we redefine women's travel for women who appreciate the finer details on life's journey.  We look forward to meeting you and sharing the joys and memories of women traveling together in 2022 and beyond.