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Just back from our 2022 English Garden Chelsea Flower Show trip with intrepid women travelers, bright and beautiful gardens, dry weather, comfortable places to rest and delicious British food beyond meat and potatoes. We enjoyed lots of fresh fish, samplers of  sticky toffee pudding, and in season delicious English asparagus on every menu.  The women shared that I should describe more about the exquisite places we dine and stay.  I am always on the lookout for the authentic and a place that exudes the essence of the country in which we are traveling.  Our hotel properties are small and generally family owned.  Likewise, when sorting out dinner options, I look for chef owned  staying away from trendy chains and preferring local favourites. The travelers thoroughly enjoyed the experiences shared on our trip and one said “I really can’t mention a favorite, I loved it all.”  Sharing days with bright and beautiful women traveling together to explore the world fills my heart with joyful memories.