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Gentle breezes whisper through the lilac trees and the petals on the wondrous Japanese cherry trees float silently to the ground.  May is one of those months that is akin to heavenly daydreams while alive on this magnificent planet. The sky is as blue as it can be and the air as soft as a baby’s face.  The abundance of blossoms opening around the world in May offers us an energy as mysterious as the cloudscapes floating by.  Stopping to breathe in May and filling our spirit with beauty is the task of our times.  As the Covid chapter slowly diminishes, and heartbreak is still real, we can grasp May and hold on to all she gives us.  We can walk on paths strewn with birch trees and ferns, with bluebells , and birdsongs.  All things bright and beautiful enrich and enliven our hearts and minds in this dear month called May.  May you be comforted and walk peacefully wherever you are spreading your love and kindness around the world.