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Memorial Day 2021

Parades, with memories of Memorial Day activities gone by, are silent in our village this weekend.  These memories include a small cadre of assorted ages marching to the tunes of a band from the High School with a few supporting players mixed in and kindergartners with bouquets of lilacs and flowers from family gardens.  The flags, the spring flowers, and the graves mark the depth of service to our country to keep us living in the land of the free.  The stones are engraved father, husband, mother, brother, sister, friend….the message of love for the departed is clearly etched in the granite.  The hearts of those they were protecting and loving remember well the sacrifice.  There is the sound of taps echoing over the Old Harbor as the   wreath is tossed into the Atlantic for sailors and seamen lost at sea.   As we mark 2021 Memorial Day weekend there is work to be done to keep America safe.   Each of us can do our part for the children of today and tomorrow. As the old  song goes…”.what the world needs now is love sweet love.. it’s  the only thing there’s just too little of…no not just for some…….but for everyone………