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Endless Blue Skies

Time for a Spring blog post.  I traveled to Dominica in January, stayed longer and then went on an awesome  sailing jaunt with our son in the out islands of the Bahamas a few weeks back.  He is the proud owner of an Oyster yacht and I have never been so comfortable sailing.  Purely magical and memorable. Catching up now on Serendipity Traveler  travel details and sending out our English Garden and Chelsea Flower Show trip packets to travelers this week. Posting our Women’s Wellness Week on Dominica in January 2023 soon and wrapping up a few special treats to tuck  into our Turkey trip this Autumn.  I love making trips one of a kind and special for our customers. Returning to Dominica, we received lots of hugs, shared laughter and good times with the locals I have kept in touch with.  Our lodge is well perched overlooking the sea and the gardens and ambience offer the setting to renew and unwind.  Adventure opportunities await in walking, hiking, snorkeling and kayaking. Immersing yourself in nature and letting the sun be your timepiece.  Hope to see you in the West Indies on Dominica next winter.