FAQ Women’s Travel

What age are the travelers?  

We encourage women of all ages to travel with us.  The spirit is ageless!   When a trip will require above average physical activity, we will state that.  If you have any medical problems that may limit your travel, please check with your physician for assessment.  Most trips will require lots of walking.  The ages in our groups will range from 21-101!

Is this a lesbian travel company?

No, we are not a lesbian travel company.  All are welcome to travel with us.

What to Bring?

Travel light.  We always pack more than we need.  Dress comfortably - layers usually work well.  Remember comfortable walking shoes.  For our garden tours, shoes that don’t mind water are great.  For tropical trips, less is more.  A travel umbrella with a lightweight raincoat is always a good idea.  Call if you have any questions.

Can I stay longer or arrive earlier?

Yes, please contact us.  We can arrange for early arrival or later departure details on most itineraries.

Do I need additional money?

Most expenses are included in the cost of the trip.  You will need money for lunches, dinners, shopping, additional spa services, alcohol, laundry, telephone, and custom fees as appropriate.  ATM machines are readily available and are the easiest way for you to access funds as needed.  Upon arrival at the local airport, your first stop can be to the ATM machine.  It is best to have a MasterCard or Visa with you.  Often times, American Express is not accepted.

Do you organize custom tours?

Yes, we are happy to arrange specific trips for families, book clubs, garden clubs, mothers and daughters, friends, sisters, and businesswomen.  We craft each journey with great attention to details and dreams!

Do I need insurance?

Travel insurance is highly recommended. 

Do I pay extra for traveling alone?

Serendipity Traveler does not charge women traveling with us a single supplement.  We think you deserve your own private room without paying an additional fee known as a  single supplement.

Can I order a travel Gift Certificate?

Yes, please go to Gift Certificates and place your order.  Travel is perfect for graduations, wellness celebrations, birthdays, and simply for the memories.

Do you have vegetarians and vegans traveling?

Yes, we have a variety of tastes when it comes to cuisine.

How do I reserve a Serendipity Traveler trip?

You can reserve by calling us 800 975 2357 or online at http://www.serendipitytraveler.com. ; Our reservation system is secure and easy to use.

Can I join you from another country?
Certainly.  We are not a private club and Serendipity Traveler does not charge women travelers a membership fee.

Is there a Tour Leader?

Yes , Peggy Coonley, the founder of Serendipity Traveler, is presently hosting each trip.  Company plans call for additional staff to host some of the trips while Peggy will continue to host signature trips in the future.