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Walk On

Each day a new country opens wide its doors to returning travelers.  The world is slowly beginning to resume international travel as we knew it prior to this pandemic.  Where in the world do you hope to travel?  I have re ordered my travel dreams these past few months. While I love to return to the familiar, it’s time to continue to explore unknown places.  I think we all have explored the unknown places of our hearts while we have quietly moved through these days.  Some of us are not working, others working at the very heart of the health challenge.  Some are caring for elders, while others have all the kids at home.  All of us can use a little respite now.  Nature is one of the best healers on the planet and until we can begin to wander the world again..... I am encouraging lots of doses of nature.  Walking is good for our physical and mental well being. For me it’s Vitamin Sea and a walk on the beach that makes my day sing. Wherever you are, Walk On as Rogers and Hammerstein well loved song encourages us……….

When you walk through a storm

Hold your head up high

And don't be afraid of the dark.

At the end of the storm

Is a golden sky

And the sweet silver song of a lark

Walk on through the wind,

Walk on through the rain,

Tho' your dreams be tossed and blown.

Walk on, walk on

With hope in your heart

And you'll never walk alone,

You'll never walk alone.