Women's Travel Blog

The World’s Pause

The world is patiently on hold and travel has come to a standstill around the globe.  Instagram photos are of trips past not present.  This reflective challenging time offers us a lovely opportunity to dream of where we would like to travel when the world’s doors are flung open once again.  How we will choose to travel certainly will change.  Our clients prefer small groups and meaningful experiences. I am hearing that more travelers will choose a similar style of traveling.  While we are at home there are many ways to inspire your travel dreams virtually and I hope you have time to take advantage of the offerings from the museums and gardens of the world that have opened their doors for a visit.  I have enjoyed time spent with my travel photos to rekindle the memories of good times with many of you.  I am hopeful it won’t be long before we feel it’s time to pack our bags and fly away.  Until then, please know that I am thinking of you and wishing you well.