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The Irish Taxi

A bit tired from the overnight Aer Lingus flight, I made my way to the taxi rank and into the sparkling car of a classic older Irishman; tweed jacket, his blue jumper to match and hair as white as the fluffy clouds overhead.  He was dapper and eager to chat with an American visitor enroute to Dublin.  He queried, was I a city girl or a country girl, and before I could respond he told me he was a country gentleman.  I was less talkative than usual as he had so much to share. He used to smoke but gave it up and at 76 he had his first glass of wine. He left the cell phones his kids gave him in the box.  The meter ticked on as did his lifeline, “too tied to time these days, no one is talking, just plain talking”.  His driving was steady and sure.  I felt safe as he navigated with politeness and caution.  He told me he was 84 and his Mum lived to 103 due to fresh country air, good food, and hard work.  I think he has miles to go before he sleeps.  He gave me a  tour of the Georgian neighborhood where our trips stay in Dublin and at our hotel left me with the Irish greeting of Cead Mile Failte, or A hundred thousand welcomes.  It’s easy to see why travelers are drawn to Ireland.  It’s the good food, the country air, and the 100,000 welcomes throughout the land.