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Sunshine & Rain

As the calendar turns to October, we are continuing our individual seismic shifts required to adapt to the worldwide Covid crisis.  Apple picking, pumpkin carving, bulb planting, and lighting a few more candles to grace the earlier evening all are small ways to help us keep life normal.  Normal is a word I have never liked.  What is it?  Normal is varied and different for each of us.  So all the small ways we can keep life humming, happy, pleasant, inspired, enriched and healthy are concepts that better resonate with me.  There are hundreds of simple ways to keep life joyful amidst this pandemic. As travelers, it’s always the details that make the difference of traveling well  on life’s path.  It’s the details that, well orchestrated, will always  help us to carry on.  The farmer’s know the details of seed, soil and harvest and we can incorporate their wisdom of using lots of compost and continual care when planting and weeding and adding in lots sunshine and watering well to reap an abundant harvest.  Be well and keep on dreaming.