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Summer Traveling

Summer begins officially this week when I will be in Iceland.  The longest days of the year are here and what a delight to see the midnight sun glowing.  I chose this week for our tour to capture the golden light and the bloom of the millions of wildflowers that blanket the volcanic soil.  Our family is one that relishes travel with a granddaughter leaving for Portugal this evening, a son in Canada at our summerhouse, and myself flying to Iceland.  We will share a lively dinner flowing with traveling conversations when we all reconvene with our colorful travel stories.  Wherever you go there are memories to be made, stories to hear, and adventures waiting around the bend.  Our little travel company is one of those gems that, once you find us, you will be happy we are in your life.  All women are welcome to join our small groups as we travel the world, make new friends and savour the memories.