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Room With A View

The travel industry is buzzing with cleanliness news in hotels and airplanes.  All the notable hotel chains beginning with Hilton are revising their protocols.  We are amused to read the articles of how the big boys are all competing on new cleanliness terms.  We don’t use chains for our lodging on Serendipity Traveler tours.  We prefer local, family run or small corporate properties in all instances.  There is a solid attention to detail, service, and comfort.  The standards in the 4 and 5 star properties we use always please our travelers.  As for the airplanes, the air in the cabin has always been healthy and filters out the tiniest of particles.  I remember flying when non smoking was in the rear of the cabin.  After sometime, non smoking was finally placed in the front.  So today’s air is a big improvement with sophisticated systems at work..  I applaud the airlines for more extensive cleaning and offering empty middle seats at least for a while. Back to rooms with a view.  When choosing our properties, I am keen on location and ambience together with comfort and views. Travel will change and yet some things like the view will be the same and waiting for us to arrive, settle in and savour our journey.