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Meandering Gardens

Throughout this pandemic many have turned to nature to ease the stress and strain of Covid.  Traveling, I have had the joy of rambling in many of the world’s notable gardens and this year I especially miss the rambles.  When the Berkshire Botanical Garden in Stockbridge announced the re-opening, I planned our visit complete with a picnic.  The Berkshire Botanical Garden is one of New England’s gems.  Established in 1934, the garden is a collection of many display gardens and covers 24 natural acres.  The perennial border planted in large drifts was outstanding.  Across the lawn was a stunning shade garden.  The roses were just coming into bloom and the fragrance was heavenly. Specialty gardens such as daylilies, herbs, wetland, and more create peaceful and interesting stops as you meander on the pathways.  The garden reflected the care and dedication of the staff as every area was tidy and flourishing.  Due to Covid, the education center and a few more buildings were not open yet.  I look forward to returning for another visit.  Walking amidst the turn of the century native trees pondering the varying gardens on a sunny blue sky day was pure bliss.