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March 8 International Women’s Day 2018

Around the world women are accomplishing much and we all know there is more work ahead. Today is a day for celebrating how far women have come and looking ahead to future goals and dreams.  As a grandmother, I am particularly concerned for the world we will leave for our children and grandchildren.  On our tour to  South Africa we met grandmothers who were actively working for the wellbeing of their grandchildren who were orphaned by the aids virus.  The South African grandmothers are awesome and accomplishing, day by day, a new world for their families.  They are the caregivers for the next generation.  On the island of Dominica, women have been resilient and resourceful in the recovery from the devastating hurricanes last fall that have heavily impacted the island.  Just this week, many months later, water was restored to some of the women I know on the island.  Imagine living without water for many months.  Women are working in their own way towards their dreams and goals.  Today is a day to celebrate women’s accomplishments around the globe.