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International Women’s Day

Women around the world will gather on International Women’s Day, March 8, to celebrate the progress that has been made with miles to go before we rest.  Traveling the world, I have met many women whose determination has been key to their progress in creating a better life for themselves and family.  I remember learning the story of how a young woman walked approximately 8 miles up and down rugged hills in Dominica to reach her new job and, at the end of her work day, trekked back home again.  Some years later, we drove the distance together in her new, well worn car and it was hard for me to fathom her round trip daily trek.  Another woman I remember well is much older and knits her way to help sustain family life in her rural village in Southern Turkey. The embroidery women in South Africa at the Mapula Cooperative are an outstanding example of artful determination. The detailed embroidery pieces are all works of art that have helped each woman provide shelter and food for their families. Visiting with the women, listening to their songs of thanks for our gifts of French embroidery thread and sipping tea together, is always a heartfelt experience on our South Africa trip.   Let us all celebrate the deep determination that multitudes of women around the world share to make our world a better place.