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Icelandic Memories

Iceland is a spectacular island of diverse beauty with volcanoes, waterfalls, and glaciers that will capture the spirit of the most seasoned traveler.  Our trip in June included a solid sampler of what the island offers.  I am excited to schedule our 2019 return to the land of the midnight sun once more in June 2019.    The unspoiled landscapes are a wonderland to experience and explore.  Our private guide knew I wanted off roading gravel roads on part of the journey and we weren’t disappointed as we traveled the southern highlands on roads where seeing another car happened only twice.  The waterfalls that cascade into fields of alpine wildflowers abundantly in bloom in June created a million storybook photos.  We experienced the light that lasts all day and the energy flowing beneath the earth while soaking in one of the delightful hot pools. Our sampler of    Iceland’s food included Artic Char, but we opted not to try the precious puffins or whale meat. Iceland  is simply magical in a myriad of ways.