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Farmers Markets

Whenever I can, I love to shop at local farmers markets.  I remember a market when touring Ireland; a small market which was a colorful mix of crafts and baked goods together with farm fresh produce. There was an extraordinary basket maker whose work was tempting and a metal smith where a traveler discovered a stunning Celtic design neckpiece. We purchased some fruit, breads, tarts, cheese and fudge to share on the road.  What left us all with a vivid memory was the tea and cookies that the women had prepared for folks attending. Free of course and served in china tea cups with their best of hospitality. Truly a bit of Serendipity as we enjoyed some conversations and cookies amidst the kindness of strangers. We will be visiting Ireland in 2021 and I know we won’t be visiting that particular market yet I am sure we will encounter lots of kindness and hospitality as we tour along Irelands backroads.