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Enchanting Venice

I recommend everyone ought to experience La Dolce Vita in Venice.  I haven’t visited a city that is more magical and filled with charming delights.  Despite the crowds near San Marco, you can wander a cobbled lane and, not far from the hordes of tourists disembarking mega ships, can find yourself sitting on a park bench with a local family sharing some of the best picnic fare as I did on my last trip there.  The grandmother, daughter, and two adorable children were relishing the square and the bake shop nearby was where we all found our lunches. The day was sunny, the air mild, and the children were laughing and playing.  Life looked idyllic and, for me, it was.  I always like to leave the crowded areas and find local life when traveling.  Sometimes local colors are closer than imagined when leaving the chaos of hordes of tourists who follow the scripted stops. Wandering without a map can offer some of the most memorable moments and bring a traveler to the place they originally came to discover.