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Dominica Island Bliss

In the midst of summer, I am planning our return to the island of Dominica in the West Indies.  If you would like to jumpstart your 2020 New Year on a pristine untamed island and enjoy the tropical Dominica waters, perhaps morning yoga, walking amidst waterfalls and immersing yourself in the senses and sights of the Caribbean please do join us.  Dominica is an island in full recovery from 2017 hurricane devastation and the world is paying attention.  Travel cognescenti are singing the islands song.  This will be our 12th women’s retreat to the island … we skipped the last two years while reconstruction and rebuilding were taking place and now with our favourite lodge relocated, rebuilt, and ready to welcome guests again, we are ready to return to the familiar faces, wonderfully fresh food, and the island bliss that is pure Dominica; not to be confused with the Dominican Republic.  The Caribbean Journal has this to say about Dominica. “Dominica remains one of the Caribbean’s most stunning, untouched, adventure filled destinations.”  Join us to renew your mind, body and spirit .