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Continue The Dreams

While the world remains on pause for travel, those of us who live in America have endless travel opportunities in our own backyards and further afield if you are comfortable.  Living in New England and wanting to travel somewhere, anywhere safe, we took a road trip to the glorious White Mountains last week.  It’s June and one of my favourite wildflowers is the lupine. I had heard there were some fields of lupine near Franconia Notch and we found them.  A simple trip winding through covered bridges and along the rivers refreshed my spirit. No news, no Covid case counts, no code red messages from our town, nothing but pure beauty and endless views. Since it’s going to be a while for traveling afar to feel good, I urge you to take a trip around the corner, perhaps a local garden, or state park, or just a walk listening for the birdsong or the wind in the trees.  Keeping nature as our focus in this time is helpful while we continue the dreams of  traveling days to come.