Women's Travel Blog

Content at Home

Of course I am content at home and, at the same time, itching to move beyond familiar borders. I’m looking ahead to spirited adventures a bit further than my weekly grocery outing.  Yes, I want to see places and experience regions that will leave me wanting to return, that will inspire learning more, and that will create indelible memories.  Isn’t that what traveling is all about?  It’s the pure transformational joys of delving into somewhere else.  This spark can happen close to home or thousands of miles away.  It’s experiencing the sparks to whet your keen intellect or soothe your senses.  Iceland is one of my favourite places on the planet.  Walking in raw beauty and untamed nature amidst glacier waterfalls is magnificent.  The Viking tales spanning centuries make good stories.  Ireland is another comfortable cozy island to return to.  The landscape lush and green with Celtic music whispering over the hills fills your heart and renews your spirit.  Ireland can be as old fashioned as Grandma’s kitchen and trending contemporary all in the same day.  It’s time to be home content, and time to imagine traveling again.