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Armchair New Year

So when folks said they enjoyed armchair travel, I laughed.  Not me.  I want the real thing and now, during this extended Covid pause, it’s a cup of tea in the arm chair with cookbooks from foreign lands, a stack of books on Turkey, Portugal, Japan, and Gardening.  Exotic orchids to cherish on the table, a candle,  chocolates and an ever changing view to the Atlantic that captures the wild, untamed ocean.    Friends are now traveling and they love to put their smiles on FB.  Today, I saw two lovely faces smiling from Florida, yesterday, another and so it goes.  My youngest is in French Polynesia.  I am  drooling over her photos and happy she is living the dream.  We all need to do what feels best as we navigate the unknown Covid adventure.  For now, I am home wishing you all a brilliant New Year unfolding and hopeful to be traveling without the armchair quite soon.