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A Wonderful World

Autumn is continuing with her brilliance and this weekend offered a surprise dusting of snow on the pumpkins. The pandemic continues to blanket the world, unearthing novel situations daily and we continue to adapt.   Traveling is one of those gifts that we will never again take for granted.  Lesson learned: do not put off for tomorrow your traveling dreams.  We have a lot of catching up to do with this year of 2020 traveling cancelled, deferred, altered or postponed.  As 2021 draws nearer, so do our options for travel grow a bit closer.   We are meant to wander the world to gather diverse perspectives, make new friends, and explore the beauty that awaits us at each turn.  This time last year Serendipity Traveler women were on our South African Safari and Garden Tour.  The multitude of diverse memories is vivid.  Watching a mama elephant and her newborn nestled together, spotting a leopard high in a tree at dusk, listening to the sounds of silence in the bush, and gazing at the giraffes enjoying the watering hole as the sunrise filled the view.  We traveled, renewing old friends amidst a tapestry of South African authentic experiences.  Looking afar to continued travels as we begin to explore this wonderful world again.