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International Women’s Day 2021

Some women will never leave their tiny village and others will travel the world.  Each woman will keep dreams in her heart.  I am reminded of one small, South African village woman and her garden.  She had labored tirelessly to create a secret garden for her soul to flourish amidst the stark poverty surrounding her.  She had built her own tidy house and then began working on her garden.  It’s moments like this that unite women around the world as they share their lives and dreams.  There are many women everywhere who are laboring amidst harsh elements.  Today we celebrate all women and the progress women are making in the world towards equality.  We must teach our daughters and granddaughters what it takes and give them the stories to inspire, educate, and grow.  Looking back, we have made great strides with miles to go before we sleep….with hope in our hearts.