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Women’s Small Group Travel

What happens when a small group of women who don't know each other meet and travel together? It doesn't take long and conversations begin, common threads are woven, laughter enters and comfortableness comes easily. There is always lots to talk about as women begin to explore and discover new locales, cultures, food and traditions. Married, single, divorced or widowed women like to travel and find traveling alone is not their cup of tea.   On our recent trip to Dominica, the women travelers enjoyed each other so much that they told me they want to stay together as a group and travel together next winter too. I am planning a custom sailing  trip for their 2015 adventure. Better than any words to try and convey the successfulness of small group travels for women with Serendipity Traveler, I invite you to join us  and learn for yourself how comfortable you will be.   Experience the friendliness of  distinctive women traveling together in 2014 with Serendipity Traveler.