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Culinary Delights Traveling

When you travel with Serendipity Travler you will sample a variety of culinary delights.  Culinary experiences enhance our travels and are the heart of each region.  Where do you think of when someone mentions pasta?  Italy and La Dolce Vita of course!  Or Apple Pie, Autumn in NewEngland... or Shrimp,  perhaps Charleston , Dolma's or Baklava or Apricots, perhaps Turkey and so it is that food is integral to experiencing the culture of a country.  Food actually defines the country.  Just think France with wine and cheese for lunch.
Some of you already know how much I favour local small restaurants/cafes with chefs offering  the freshest of local food. Sampling the region's favorites or specialties is another way to learn more about where we are traveling.  Must admit, I have not yet been brave enough to order the Pigeon in London.  In Turkey, it was fun to sample the dolmas everywhere and see just how many different versions we could try. In London sampling the tea room desserts is always fun. It's a good thing we walk alot on every trip.  Wherever we travel, our choices in dining are creative, memorable and satisfying. Dining out is a highlight of our evenings after a day of touring. From little off the beaten path cafes to noted Michelin Stars we savour delicousness around the world. Breakfast with a view at our lodge in Turkey.