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Women’s Travel Tours 2014

As we approach 2014, I am dreaming of where Serendipity Traveler's will be traveling. Most of our 2014 trips are now online and I have a few surprises which will go online when details are final. Travel is not a luxury for women's wellness, rather a necessity for healthful living. Making travel a part of your ordinary life is wise and wonderful. All women can travel. For some it may mean a local trip. For others, it means traveling to places  like Istanbul or London whose names we have only heard until we arrive there. The excitement of discovering a fresh locale always energizes and keeps me looking forward to yet another trip. My husband and I traveled to Boston last weekend to enjoy a concert. While the city is only an hour from our coastal perch, the change from village to urban excites and enriches. It's much like my friend from Boston who takes the train to come and visit us by the sea. I hope to meet you on one of our 2014 trips for women traveler's who appreciate the art of traveling well.