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Women’s Travel to Ireland

Ireland is a landscape of ancient stones that perch on lush green hillsides and in valleys taking us back in time to a quieter, earthy pace of life. The romance of the landscape, blooming with wild fuchsia, fields of yellow wild iris and rhododendrons covering the mountains, offers women travelers a respite from the hectic pace of daily life. Watching sheep meander in the fields, walking to a sacred site in silence, listening to the bird song or river's flow awakens all our senses to the present wonders of the world. The days are longer in summer and the evenings seem to last forever. A full moon rising as our Ireland tour came to an end was the frosting on the cake as we walked to our lodge amidst thatched roofs, cottage gardens and the sounds of a river flowing to the sea. Join us next summer and discover the treasures of Ireland's back roads.