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Women’s Travel Memories

Imagine if you had kept a small journal of your diverse meanderings at the various ages and chapters of your life.  What grand reading your reflections would be today.  Wishing I had kept a travel journal whose entries would include my first visit to Hawaii, Mexico,  Big Sur, California, Bermuda and other destinations  decades ago. I started traveling early in life and every destination plunked me amidst landscapespen worlds apart from home in  the Northeast. I do try and write on each trip currently.   Sometimes I write a sentence, other times pages, and often just a few significant words or phrases to spark my memory of what I perceived and experienced.  Writing detailed snippets about your travels keeps the experiences with you when you return. Your memories are deeper.  Each time you read your passages about spectacular sunsets by the sea, walking in Italy's splendor, England's glorious gardens, sampling food tasted, the friends made, your memories are kept alive.  Any trip you take always changes you in fresh and unimagined ways.  Capturing your feelings and personal trip highlights in a travel journal may just be the finest souvenir you could bring home.  Life is Short, Travel Well.