Women's Travel Blog

Living The Dream

Almost every trip has a woman traveler who has been widowed, some at younger ages and others older.All the women are re-charting their course and travel is one of the dreams they want to make happen.I have admired each woman in this position as they navigate a fresh path, unexpectedly for some and the natural course of life for others. This year, a delightful woman was on our Ireland trip who lost her husband suddenly in a car accident. She is keeping on keeping on and doing her best to recreate a healthy and happy life without him. She is beginning to live her dreams again and the trip to Ireland and one with her daughter to Australia has helped her find wings. Family can't always step into the empty space and it takes time to find the perfect balance. The same is true of women who have completed a divorce. Life is different as are the choices they make. A single woman has similar issues in finding just the right style of travel for herself. Married women often have husbands who do not wish to travel as much as they do so they need to find a way to keep traveling themselves. All women have individual challenges when it comes to living their travel dreams and we are here to support, encourage, and cheer them on. Travel requires stepping away from our comfort zones, a bit of courage, and a dream.