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Women’s Packing Tips

Take less of everything! This is not an easy task for any woman traveler and it is doable with a little extra thought and plenty of editing. Editing is most easily done a few days before departure so you still have time to sort your choices and how everything works together. One helpful strategy is to use a laundry or dry cleaner where you are going. It is worth the few additional travel dollars to use this service when traveling. Shoes take up lots of space. Be sure to fill them with bras, panties, stockings, jewelry, scarfs, etc packed in plastic bags. Pack two pairs in the suitcase and the heaviest pair to wear for walking. Two pairs of black /tan linen pants are perfect. The classic black,  dress is a perennial.If prone to chilling easily silk underwear saves the bulk of sweaters. Include a travel assortment of scarves, shawls, jackets and jewelry all best ways to keep your suitcase lighter. Always fun to shop for a new clothing item or two when traveling . Wearable art from an artisan is a lovely reminder of your trip. Before zipping your suitcase sprinkle some fresh lavender in your luggage for a lovely scent when you arrive.