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Women Traveling Together 2014

Many of us have read this line from Mary Oliver's poem, The Summer Day ...."Tell me, what it is you plan to do with  your one Wild and Precious life?"   As 2013 delivers us into 2014 with the hands of the clock ticking millions of unknown moments filled with unexplored possibilities, we ponder Oliver's query anew.  Dreams, goals, and plans lie deep within us as the hands of time move forward daily. Looking back at a full year of living, we acknowledge the joys with gratefulness, we accept the sorrows with trust, we keep on learning what works, what doesn't, what may change, what dreams are still to unfold. We recount our memorable moments. We carry on with our journey, discovering ways to live more fully and mindfully each day... simply living and being present. We write dates on our calendar for birthdays, anniversaries, and travel. We write our life story day by day.  Thoreau talks to the past and future in another one of my favorite reminders..."What lies behind us  and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lives within us". Whatever you choose to dream and do in 2014, let your days enrich, inspire and nourish yourself and the world.  May 2014 be a stellar year for you. Hope to meet you traveling with us in 2014. Life is Short, Travel Well.