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Wings of Summer

Summer seems to be flying this year. Perhaps it is because I'm traveling and am looking forward to our Ireland trip the end of August that summer is feeling shorter than usual to me. Our time at the cottage is indeed briefer than usual and turning the calendar page this morning happened with hesitation. The stars have been extraordinary on clear nights and the azure blue sky days have been long and lovely here at the cottage. I have cherished the days in my “Thoreau Mode” as I call it … retreating from the world at large and creating a quieter world by the sea and woods. I think we all need some Thoreau Mode in today’s fast paced, plugged in world we are experiencing. Time to unplug, disconnect, and recenter our selves, our dreams, our goals and our life. I need this time for sure but am not a complete hermit here. Tonight we are having 6 Italian friends for dinner for fresh mussels plucked from the bay and homemade blueberry pie. My husband is chopping garlic now for garlic bread made with loaves from the farmer's market this morning and yesterday we picked lots of blueberries for the pie......and tomorrow I will return to the quiet sunset  and savour another simple day by the sea on the wings of summer.