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Wellness Vacations

I just read two articles pondering vacations, both by women, in the same issue of the Canadian newspaper, The Globe and Mail, July6th edition. The first article from Leah Eichler entitled, “Taking a Vacation from Work is just too Stressful”, indicated how people aren't taking vacations because there is just too much work when they return to the office. Or they find it hard to put work aside.......My question would be if life is all about work? Do you work to live or live to work? The second article from Elizabeth Renzetti was titled,“In Praise of Indolence: The work-weary should take “unplugged” vacations”. This piece claimed that the brain is the most receptive when resting.....and mentioned the plethora of WiFi sites when vacationing and the temptation to work while on holiday. After reading both of these articles, and perhaps using ageless wisdom, my idea is simple.... vacations are critical for your well being and wellness. Vacations are one of the best wellness tools in your life's medicine cabinet. Daring to unplug and live life the way it is dreamed of will not only serve you but those with whom you interact. Stress and dis -ease are rampant and the over the counter industry is booming. Perhaps the lack of true time out and living 24/7 plugged in is a factor. Ponder this one question ….at the end of the day do you think you will want to say I wish I worked more or I wish I played more?

Life is Short, Travel Well.