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Turkish Delight

Our Serendipity Traveler tour to Turkey is a stunning journey. The myriad of details merge together to provide women travelers with a kaleidoscope of colors, history, landscapes and memorable experiences in this land of ancient ruins and emerging ideas. Turkey surprises me with pure delight. The contrasts of old and new, the sophistication and peasantry, the Ottoman cuisine and simple daily foods. Our trip touches on old Istanbul before flying to the exquisite Cappadocia region and then on to Ephesus and finally reaching the coast and the port of Bodrum. Hard pressed to name one or two highlights as this trip is filled with numerous memorable moments. The evening with the Whirling Dervishes was spellbinding. Walking amidst the Rose Valley was one of my personal favorites. Our full time guide is a gem and the love of his country, depth of knowledge and affable presence will enrich us all. The genuine warmth of the people and their unending hospitality will help us feel comfortable everywhere. The weather in early Autumn is perfect with bright blue skies and warm sunshine. Join us.