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Travel is one of the finest prescriptions for a woman's wellbeing.  During different passages of a woman's life, travel can respond to your deepest needs in a myriad of ways.  There are times when women need to reconnect, to be inspired, to celebrate, to recover from loss, to reinvent or to sort out the next step; times when you need to play, laugh and renew your spirit. Perhaps you want to move forward and jumpstart a new chapter or enhance the one you are living.  Jon Kabat-Zinn is renowned for his work on mindfulness.  One of his books is titled, "Wherever You Go There You Are".  You take yourself with you wherever you go.  Travel often alters the landscape of your heart, stirs your senses and as memories are made something happens as you step out of your routines or comfort zone into new landscapes, places, sights and sounds.  Energy shifts and life unfolds in ways unimagined. Whether a hike to a pristine island waterfall, wandering amidst an English garden, shopping in Istanbul's notable bazaar, snorkeling in Dominica, watching whales in Hawaii, or walking amidst the seaside in Ireland, we offer you a multitude of opportunities for travel each season to places of unparalleled beauty.  Join us and experience women traveling together having fun, discovering new places, cultures and enrich your life.