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Travel Alerts

Where in the world is it safe to travel?  This question is one to ponder when planning your next trip.  We surely don’t want to let world events stop us and yet the world is a more challenging place these days to explore.  If you were in Paris last week, you would have coped with flooding and perhaps missed your visit to the Louvre.  If you were in Texas, the floods could have interfered with your plans.  Life happens everywhere!  Sunsets over the hills of Tuscany were still amazing, the waves reaching the shore in Atlantic Canada were spectacular to see, and the gardens in England couldn’t have been more beautiful.  So don’t let the news hinder your dreams of seeing the sunsets around the world, discovering the beauty that is memorable in so many places and nourishing yourself with traveling and experiencing the best our world has to offer you.  Be bold and go leaving the daily routines behind for a bit of adventure and discovery.  Make memories to last a lifetime.