Women's Travel Blog


Starry skies, hummingbirds, and fireflies are some of my summertime favorites.  Kayaking, sailing, and gardening are relaxing activities I relish especially in Northeast summers.  Summer is my time to work a bit less and play a bit more. Still, researching and planning trips as travel is a lifelong passion.  Family visits, time with friends and simple living suits me perfectly.  This summer, I am exploring with my husband once more the island of Cape Breton.  The Big Sur of the east coast is how I think of the infamous Cabot Trail.  Rolling hills, steep cliffs, and the surge of the sea on your right or left depending on how you traverse the road.  We prefer driving counter clock wise and stopping enroute for picnics by the sea, walking the trails and savouring the lesser travelled places. Hidden gems.  Travel is good for the heart and soul.  It engages us with culture, art, music, and food of different lands holding us all together as one on the planet earth.  Wherever you are this summer, I wish for you starry skies and enriching travels with hidden gems sprinkled along the journey.