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South Africa

This week, South Africa celebrated Freedom Day with hopefulness as their journey continues.  I have been thinking of the friends we met on our first trip to South Africa and the hospitality we experienced throughout our days there.  Hospitality is something I treasure.  I grew up in a family where the door was always open and oftentimes the stranger was welcomed amidst the friends.  The essence of hospitality runs deep and is offered in so many ways to the traveler today.  Headlines generally don’t share the world’s stories of hospitality circling the world.  Generally, hostility leads the news.  Those of us who travel  always return home with tales of kindness, love, and hospitality.  These times dwell in our hearts as some of the best memories in a world where people everywhere are ready to greet one another with joy.  I think of the women’s embroidery cooperative we visited north of Johannesburg and the hugs that were exchanged, the promises made to return again, and the hope that filled the air.