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Last Minute Women’s Travel

We recommend making reservations early for your women's tour with Serendipity Traveler.  This week several women have wanted to join upcoming trip to Ireland only to learn our trips are full.  We are sorry to disappoint and strongly encourage that, once we post our trips online, you reserve so as not to be disappointed. Our women's travel groups are intentionally small.  Our choices for lodging are historical inns, boutique hotels or, as in Ireland, a stunning country house on a lake.  Our accommodation choices around the world always yield rave reviews from our travelers and, because the places we stay are special, they rarely have another room to spare.  No room at the inn is often the case.  So, while I would like to add a last minute traveler, it’s generally not doable. We do maintain a waiting list for trips.  Travel comes in fours: the dream, the reservation , waiting to go, the experiences on each trip, and the enduring  memories.