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Is Turkey Safe?

Is Turkey safe?  I felt thoroughly safe and well cared for while recently experiencing two weeks traveling in Turkey.  Life continues with a keen normalcy in the majority of Turkish cities and towns.  Weddings happen, deaths occur, baklava is baked, Turkish tea is sipped and world travelers abound immersed in the mesmerizing land that is Turkey.  The scene is one of a colorful feast for all the senses.   A few women canceled their trip to Turkey and each day we all felt sad at what stunning people and places they were missing.  In America, we are geographically isolated and far removed from the continental
mix of people who regularly travel to Turkey.  Brits, Germans, Russians, and French were plentiful.  We met people traveling from Australia, Britain, Pakistan, America, France, Germany, Bulgaria and more while touring the country.  The feelings of unsafe never surfaced.  Rather, as I walked in Sultanahmhet Square the first evening, I sensed a peaceful world order as I glimpsed a mix of world dress and listened to multiple languages. The sense of peaceful harmony amidst  diversity was prevalent.  Of course, travel near the border area far away from anywhere the traveler would venture is unwise at this time and not recommended.  The usual trip to Turkey would not include that region as the most significant and historical sights are many miles away on the eastern coast and southern Turquoise Coast.  Turkey is a stellar destination, I am planning our next annual trip to Turkey in 2015 and will look forward to my return to a country creating a new era this century.