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Walking amidst beauty is refreshing. Discovering how various landscapes, pathways and flowers harmonize offers inspiration and can revitalize all our senses. I love gardening and gardens and my intuition tells me we will be including more gardens each year on Serendipity Traveler jaunts. We won't leave out the historical houses, theatre, concerts, walking tours or markets while we  include more gardens, adding perhaps another day or two depending on where we are traveling. In Ireland we recently visited the Irish National Stud, home to Ireland's finest thoroughbreds where, their brochure tells us, “strength and beauty live as one”. In 1900, the land in Tully was purchased for horse breeding and in 1915 the farmer bestowed it to the British Crown. Evolving through the centuries as a place of beauty, in 1906-1910 the master horticulturist Tassa Eida arrived from Japan. With forty Irish workers he created the internationally renowned Japanese Gardens here. An authentic Geisha house was transported to the site as well as plants, stones and sculpture. The result is a contemplative and reflective garden that beckons a slower pace. The Japanese Garden is a peaceful meditative garden where the journey of life is a metaphor in the aesthetic design; indeed a place of strength and beauty.