Women's Travel Blog

Flying Across The Pond

To think we can be in Europe in less than the time we sleep each night is enchanting. Travel today is infinitely easier, despite the grumbles of baggage and delays that make the news, than travel even 25 or 50years ago when another generation set out to discover more of the world. Whether you are arriving at London's Heathrow, Rome's Fiumicino, or Zurich's Flughafen a distinct world awaits exploring. It is always exciting to have a client with us who is making her first trip across the pond. Our lives are stories unfolding day by day and the tales we create add the color, experiences, and unforgettable surprises weaving a rich tapestry. One woman on our recent English Garden Tour said if I could do it all over again I would have traveled more. I envision her on other Serendipity Traveler trips as she has found her wings and is a true explorer. If you couldtravel anywhere, where would it be?