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Chelsea Flower Show 2013

 May in New England is pure delight and one of my most favorite months. With a love for all things green May is also time for our annual English Garden Tour and visit to The Chelsea FLower Show. This year is the 100th birthday of the world famous Chelsea Flower Show and we will be there on opening day. Tickets for Chelsea are precious and always sell out.  Looking ahead to spring in winter is a must.Being there amidst the enthusiasm when everything is fresh after 25 arduous days of set up is exciting. Gold, silver and honorable awards are fluttering in the breeze and the beginning of the Brit's social season. One must sip a Pimms, listen to the big bands playing, and wander amidst the crowds exclaiming, taking notes, and simply wondering how it all happens. Of all the flower shows, the Royal Horticultural Society's Flower Show at Chelsea is the worlds best. For gardeners and women who simply relish traveling we return inspired  with lovely memories of England and her glorious gardens.