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Celebrating Summer

Just dragonflythe word summer conjures up bliss.  Dragonflies dancing by the sea, mirrored reflections of waterlilies on a still pond, walking by the sea, in the woods or amidst mountains, summer nourishes us with all the wonders of the universe.  I love the starry filled night sky.  Why is summer so brief?  We barely sniff her fragrance and she passes. Summer has wings and teaches me to strengthen mine.  I let go of today's technological trappings and unplug more in the summer being outdoors as much as possible.  Puttering in the garden or kayaking on the bay.  Sitting and doing nothing while sipping iced coffee or Stutz, a Nova Scotia drink of choice on the deck.  Listening more to the sounds of birds and watching the porpoises perfect synchronicity in pure wonder.  I am amazed that the great blue heron comes every night to perch at 7ish on her rock.  Summer is filled with healthy farmer's markets, friends, new folks to become acquainted with, and family memories to cherish.  Traveling to old favorites and fresh landscapes; each day an opportunity to see more clearly and love more dearly.  Wishing you the joys of summer amidst challenge, in the middle of a muddle, or wherever you may be on your life's path.  Take a moment and celebrate YOU and summer wonders this glorious day.