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Walking & Travel

One of the best ways to discover a new locale is walking.  We begin almost every trip with a guided walking tour learning bits and pieces of the local stories along with the practicality of where are we.  Oh this is where we are!  I especially like to get acquainted with neighborhoods and stop into the local shops, tearooms, or cafes and hear the accents prevalent.  Who doesn’t love to hear the Brits talk and Italian is such a lovely language to listen to.  Not long and you are less like a stranger and feeling a bit more at home in your new environs.  Travel does that day by day as you explore and become familiar with a place. Traveling deeper.  Before trips, I encourage women to walk a bit more and to pack their most comfy walking shoes.  Walking amidst the cobbled lanes, castles, gardens,  history, museums, hills and beaches of the world offers women travelers a tapestry of memories.  We invite you to join us……