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2013 New England Fall Foliage

Summer always seems to move faster than other seasons and it won't be long until brilliant Afallutumn colors will grace the New England hills and villages. Fall air is crisp, the sun still warm, and the mountains and villages are filled with a myriad of colors. The annual specatacle of fall colors is captivating. Our Autumn in New England trip starts in Boston, continues to Vermont and then across the White Mountains to the seacoast of Cape Ann. We will be touring from one village to another taking a leisurely journey throughout the region. Traveling as locals, we tend off the beaten road . You will see covered bridges, quintessential New England towns and villages, taste pure apple cider and, of course, try some apple pie as we meander before heading to the sea where the salty air will provide a splendid contrast to the mountains. Lobster traps, fishing boats, and coastal coves provide yet another glimpse into the life in New England in Autumn. Our trip is timed for the highpoint of color in the regions you will be exploring.